Artist’s Statement

Artist and Philanthropist Greg Houston

I am a 1988 graduate of Pratt Institute. Despite the dire predictions of teachers and classmates, I returned to my hometown, Baltimore, Md., where I work as an Illustrator. For years I lived in squalor with my dog, Sue, and a hitch-hiker I picked up who heard voices and had a lazy eye. Then I met and married  my incredible wife, Tracy. Sadly, my pal, Sue, passed away a few years ago followed by our awesome cats, Leroy and Jake. But Tracy and I forge ahead with our remaining cat, the lovely and talented Sydney... and the hitchhiker (AKA Detroit Dave) whom we've come to view as a slightly dangerous cousin. I taught illustration at MICA  for 9 years. In 2015 my two partners (Scott Fuqua and Alex Fine) founded the Baltimore Academy of Illustration-- an unaccredited school focusing on illustration (as you may have guessed by the name). I've been teaching there exclusively since. In March 2016 my book on illustration (Illustration That Works) was published by the Monacelli Press. 

As the pieces on this site should, hopefully, make evident, my style is multifaceted and allows me to handle a wide variety of subjects and clients. I've been told that offering more than one look or style can detract from an Illustrator's appeal. I think that's a load of crap. I never work in a style that is inappropriate for the subject or the client. However, I will not accept a job that requires me to copy or imitate another artist. I'm fast, I'm professional and, as I write this, I've never missed a deadline and have no designs on doing so.

Over the years my clients have included various newspapers (daily and alternative), ad agencies (I won the 1998 local and regional ADDY Awards for illustration), magazines, comicbook companies, publishing companies, political organizations, film companies, theater companies, animation companies, bands, game companies and some businesses that defy easy categorization. I've also exhibited work in a variety of solo and group shows and I accept commissions. In spite of all this, great wealth has continued to elude me. I hope that the Art Directors who see this site will hire me-- if for no other reason than to help me reach my goal of obtaining near pornographic riches.

- Greg