Santa Krampus Meat Boy and His Family Huzza for the Meat Boy! Drink Me Tantrum Doctors (first appeared in the Houston Press) Show Time for Billy and His Goiter! Meat Face Cannibelvis jump (1) Jump (2) Wail (1) Wail (2) Midas Pandora Itchy Dave's Meat cannon Swimming in Trees Looming Farmer of Impending Death Henry Sun Santa Sangre Computer Confessionals Eat Addict Kansas Sky Michigan Lake Torso Snow Caterwaul Venom (1) Venom (2) Book Cover Of Course, Of Course Thou Shall Not Touch Thyself or Others Political Prisoner Oil Man She Devil Prometheus Superman 1938 You Wanna Piece of Me? Frankenstein Redux (Death Race 2000) Birthday Girl Electric Tree Pervert Vortex of Clutter (cover) NRA: Our Guns Are Big! 21 Cups of Coffee A Gentleman Who's Been Around A Ruddy Cheeked Gentleman Vultures/Lawyers (cover for the Houston Press)